Posted on January 1st, 2018

1. Access to Incheon

Location of incheon International Airport

For the 2018 AsRES-AREUEA International Joint Meeting participants who will be coming from overseas, Incheon is the perfect city for great accessibility from anywhere around the world. Incheon can be reached within 20 minutes from the international airport via Incheon Bridge, the world’s fifth longest bridge. Moreover, Incheon International Airport connects 180 cities in 50 countries. Also, Incheon is easily accessible from anywhere in Korea, conveniently connected by public transportation such as bus, KTX, and subway.

convensia map

2. Directions to Songdo ConvensiA from Incheon Int’l Airport

A. Bus

  1. Airport Limousine (KAL Limousine)

Take Airport Limousine 6707B to Songdo Sheraton Hotel (1 hour), then walk 5 mins to Songdo ConvensiA

convensia map

Bus No. Platforms Intervals Fare Stops
4B, 10B 20~50Min.
KRW 7,000 Songdo Sheraton HotelOakwood Premier Incheon
Orakai Songdo Park Hote
Gyeongwonjae Ambassador
Holiday Inn Incheon Songdo

  2. Local Bus

Take bus 303 or 303-1 to Songdo the sharp First World (45 mins), then walk 10 mins to Songdo ConvensiA.

convensia map

B. Subway

  < Line Map >

convensia map

passenger Terminal

Subway line Station
Departure,(A'REX line) Incheon Int’l Airport
Transfer Gyeyang
Arrival,(Incheon Subway line) Incheon National
University Station,(Exit 5, Approx. 10 minutes on foot to Songdo Convensia)
*It takes approx. 90min.,from Incheon Int’l Airport Station to Songdo,Convensia.,*Fare: KRW 4,150

C. Taxi

Take a taxi to Songdo ConvensiA directly from Incheon International Airport.

    • *Fare: KRW 30,000 (include tolls)

convensia map

Section Fare Platform No. Remarks
Standard Taxi
(White/Grey color taxi)
KRW 25,000
5C -24:00 ~ 04:00 additional 20% late night premium.
Deluxe Taxi
(Black Color taxi)
Jumbo Taxi
(up to 9 People)
KRW 41,000
-Car Phone Service,-No late night premium fee.
-Translation service and receipt are available upon your request.
International Taxi Approx.
35,000 Won
4C -Specifically for foreigners,
-Reservation: +82-1644-2255,
*It takes approx. 30min. from Incheon Int’l Airport Station to Songdo Convensia.
*Fare: KRW 25,000~30,000
*Highway toll fees during,the charter can be added. (KRW 5,500)
*Taxi information in Korea:,+82-032-120

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